Purchasing Guidelines

Purchasing Guidelines

The SUNY System Administration Purchasing Department is dedicated to providing service to the System Administration community in the procurement of goods and services in accordance with existing New York State guidelines and in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner. The key to effective purchasing is careful planning.

While it is true that on occasions the unanticipated may occur, there is no substitute for thorough planning and the purchasing department is committed to this principle and to full assistance in every way.

These guidelines are intended to serve as a reference for the SUNY System Administration community to use when procuring goods and services. It contains the basic guidelines and procedures to be followed in the procurement of goods and services. Procurement procedures are mandated by the New York State Finance Law. Adherence to these procedures will ensure compliance with multiple laws and regulations governing procurement and will expedite the receipt of purchases.

The key to effective purchasing is careful planning. While a working knowledge of these guidelines is extremely useful, it is very easy to comply. Ask yourself these questions:

Then simply process a purchase requisition and submit to the purchasing department. When your purchase requisition is turned into a purchase order, funds will be encumbered (set aside out of the account specified) in order to pay the invoice when received.

Remember to send a copy to the accounts payable department when goods are received.

Purchasing Department Services

Contact the purchasing department for more information if clarification is needed.