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These modules can be accessed on the SCI Web Platform  *New for the 2021-2022 SCI Year
Foundations of Student Conduct
CAS Standards: Sexual Violence Related Programs and Services
CAS Standards: Student Conduct Programs
*Conduct Discipline at the Intersection of State and Federal Law
Decision-Writing Basics for Conduct Hearings
Disability Law in Student Conduct Proceedings
Due Process Part One: Theory and History
Due Process Part Two: Practical Application
Evidence in the Student Conduct Process
FERPA Fundamentals Four Part Series
Fundamentals of Incident Report Writing
Introduction to Restorative Justice
Mock Hearing Three Part Series
What is Affirmative Consent?
Student Conduct Practice Series
Collecting and Understanding Specialized Evidence
Dating Apps – Bumble
Dating Apps – Grindr
Dating Apps – Her
Dating Apps – Hinge
Dating Apps – Tinder
Effective Interviewing of Parties and Witnesses
*Hazing 101
*Hazing in College Athletics
Introduction to Marijuana for Practitioners of Student Conduct: Abuse; Effects; and Legality
Online Harassment
Recognizing and Responding to Stalking: Trauma Informed Best Practices
Social Media Part 1: Apps
*SCI's Guide to Starting a Restorative Justice Program
Understanding the Potential Impact of Illicit Substances on College Students
*Yik Yak and Its Implications For Your Campus and Conduct Process
Higher Education Employment Investigations
California Law Regarding Sexual Misconduct (Employees)
Conducting Higher Education Employment Investigations
Employment Lawsuits: Title VII & Title IX
Fundamental Issues in Higher Education Employment Investigations
Labor Law Implications of the Title IX Regulations
What does Title VII require?
What does Title IX say about Title VII?
State-Specific Compliance Training
Student Conduct Quiz Game: New York Edition
*Conduct Discipline at the Intersection of State and Federal Law
Arkansas State Law Considerations for Student Conduct in Higher Education
California Law Regarding Sexual Misconduct (Students)
*Colorado Law on Sexual Misconduct in Higher Education
Connecticut State Law on Campus Sexual and Interpersonal Violence
Florida Law & Student Conduct in Higher Education: Private Institution Edition
Florida State Law Considerations for the Conduct Process: Public Institutions
Illinois State Law & Sexual Harassment and Violence in Higher Ed
Louisiana’s Campus Accountability and Safety Act
Maine State Law and Sexual Misconduct in Higher Ed
Maryland State Law & Sexual Assault in Higher Education
Massachusetts Law and Guidance
Minnesota State Law and Sexual Misconduct in Higher Ed
New Hampshire Chapter 188-H and Sexual Misconduct in Higher Ed
New Jersey State Law Basics
New York Education Law 129-B
North Carolina State Law and Student Conduct in Higher Ed
Pennsylvania State Law Basics
South Carolina State Law and Student Conduct in Higher Ed
Student Conduct, Disciplinary Process, and the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Ed
Tennessee Public Institutions & Sexual Misconduct: Focus on the Student Due Process Protection Act
*Texas Law on Sexual Misconduct in Higher Education
The New York Human Rights Law and Sexual Harassment in Higher Ed
Vermont State Law, Harassment, and Institutions of Higher Ed
Virginia State Law and Guidance
Washington State Law and Misconduct in Higher Ed
Title IX and the 2013 Violence Against Women Act Amendments
Appeals in Student Conduct Proceedings
*Campus Safety Planning for Respondents: From Initial Report to Sanctioning to Community Re-Entry
Cultural Relevance and Inclusiveness, and Responding to Sexual and Interpersonal Violence on Campus
Exploring the Current State of Affairs Regarding Respondent Services and Interventions
Framing a Comprehensive Approach to Working with Students Who Engage in Harmful Sexual Misconduct
*Making Your Practices More Inclusive: The Intersection of Title IX and LGBTQ+ Support
The Neurobiology of Sexual Assault Trauma Three Part Series
Pre-Hearing Preparations
Privacy, Confidentiality & Privilege in Disclosures of Sexual and Interpersonal Violence
Respondents - Foundational Elements Regarding What’s Know, What Works, and What Can Be Done to Enhance the Efficacy of Interventions
Sexual Harassment: Legal Definitions
Title IX Liability for Deliberate Indifference
Trauma-Informed Practice - Legal Compliance Basics
Why Utilizing Specialized Providers for Assessment and Treatment is Important and How to Find Them
Title IX Final Regulation Compliance Updates (2020)**
Cross-Examination in a Title IX Hearing
Determining Relevance in Title IX Hearings *Two Part Series
Legal Framework for Understanding Conflicts of Interest and Bias
Law & The Hearing Panel
No Contact Orders, Emergency Removals, and Interim Suspensions
Relevance and Decorum in a Title IX Hearing
*The Title IX Q&A Explained
Title IX Final Rule Basics
Title IX Final Rules Quiz
Supportive Measures in Response to Reports of Sexual & Interpersonal Violence
Understanding the Investigative Report Template for Investigations of Title IX Sexual Harassment
Virtual Hearing Technology
What is Severe, Persistent, and Objectively Offensive Title IX Sexual Harassment?

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Summer 2022 Schedule and Course Descriptions (Coming Soon)

Previous Trainings Offered:

Advisor Resource Guide for Title IX Investigations & Hearings Clery Center: Annual Security Report Workshop

July 12, 14
1:00pm - 3:00pm ET
Registration closes 11:30pm ET on 7/10/22

For registration and full course details click here

Basic Compliance Training
Summer Cohort

July 19, 21, 26 & 28
1:00pm - 3:00pm ET
Registration closes 3:30pm ET on 7/7/2022

For registration and full course details click here

Title IX Investigations Training

August 2, 4
1:00pm - 4:30pm ET
Registration closes 11:30pm ET on 7/31/2022

For registration and full course details click here

Basic Compliance Training Clery Act Fundamentals: A Comprehensive Overview

August 9, 11
1:00pm - 4:00pm ET
Registration closes 11:30pm ET on 8/7/22

For registration and full course details click here

Live Trainings

Live trainings currently postponed

Basic Compliance Training

This full-day training is designed for all employees and students involved in the student conduct process, including conduct officials, law enforcement, student affairs practitioners, residential life staff, and Title IX officials. Topics covered include due process, the Clery Act amendments to the 2013 reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, Title IX, and state-specific compliance requirements. Participants will examine a case study of sexual misconduct and learn best practices for addressing each stage of the disciplinary process. Attendees will receive a certificate showing compliance with all training requirements for the year.

Title IX Investigator Training

This full-day training provides a detailed overview of best practices for law enforcement, student affairs and Title IX professionals charged with investigating and adjudicating reports of sexual and interpersonal violence. The training will address the practical application of trauma informed principles when conducting fair, neutral, and thorough sexual and interpersonal violence investigations. The training will be tailored for higher education professionals and campus law enforcement with direct and ancillary obligations to investigate and adjudicate sexual and interpersonal violence on college campuses.

Title IX Human Resources Training

This full-day training is geared towards professionals involved in the investigation and adjudication of Title IX-related cases involving employees, including allegations of employee-employee and employee-student misconduct. The training will first cover legal requirements, including the interplay between employment law and Title IX and Due Process in investigations and adjudications of sexual misconduct. Attendees will also leave with an understanding of important considerations for unionized and nonunionized workforces, and best practices for handling each step of the disciplinary process.

For more information, contact:
Student Conduct Institute The State University of New York
H. Carl McCall SUNY Building
Albany , NY 12246