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Office 365 Documentation

Office 365 Documentation

LAN Services has successfully migrated our Email system from Microsoft Exchange Server to Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Exchange server and Office 365 are large computers (servers) where all of our email, except archive files, are stored.

We will still be using Outlook on our computers to view and manage our e-mail messages. Outlook, on our PCs, actually connects to the servers via our Local Area Network (LAN) to access our email.

Please review our original announcement Office 365 Memo‌ along with the following documents and videos for more information.

Office 365 Documentation - Complete document list

Office 365 FAQ

Why did the email service change?

As part of SUNY’s strategy to reduce administrative costs to direct more money to instruction, a decision was made to eliminate the cost of hosting our own email system and free up needed technical staff to focus on more important university initiatives. The move also provides much more space for your correspondence which has grown larger over time due to richer content such as videos, PowerPoint presentations and scanned electronic records.

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Will my SUNY email address be changing?

No! Your Office 365 mailbox will still use your current SUNY email address.

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Is there a size limit on my Office 365 mailbox?

Yes, but it’s 25 Gigabytes! That is approximately 400,000 average size emails without attachments.

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Who do I call if I have additional services and functionality requests, such as a new email account for our office or user credentials for an affiliate?

You still contact the Helpdesk with any requests associated with email.

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Who do I call if I have a problem with my Office 365 service?

You should continue to call the Helpdesk during business hours and they will manage your issue or they will find resources that can help.

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Will Microsoft be looking at my email so they can advertise to me?

No. Your mailbox data belongs to SUNY. Microsoft does not scan email and documents to create advertisements.

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I hold sensitive data in my mailbox. Will it be just as safe in Office 365?

Yes. First of all, all communication with Office 365 servers is encrypted. Secondly, Microsoft is compliant with all world-class industry standards including ISO 27001, EU Model clauses, HIPAA BAA and FISMA, and this is verified by third-party auditors. Finally, SUNY mailbox content is always housed on servers in the United States.

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Is the virus and spam protection as good as now?

Yes. In fact, the anti-virus and anti-spam protection in our current Exchange environment is essentially the same product as used on Office 365.

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Will I lose any of my current email, appointments and contacts?

No. The service is being configured to allow all the content in your current mailbox to be migrated to your Office 365 mailbox. Not only that, but you may also choose to load content from your email archives (PST files) into Office 365, up to the size limit of your cloud mailbox, for easy historical searching and reference.

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Can I still check people’s availability using free/busy?

Yes. All the typical functionality of Outlook is still available, including delegates, rules, subfolders, colors, categories, searching and more.

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Will public folders still be accessed the same way?

No. Public folders do not exist in Office 365. Public folders will be converted into shared mailboxes and accessed as an additional mailbox. You will still be able to create subfolders and rules to handle messages that are delivered to them.

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Why can’t I see my public folders now that the move to Office365 has occurred?

You have to connect to the new Shared Folders that are in place of your public folders. See these step-by-step instructions on how to connect to an Office Shared Mailbox.

How To Connect to an Office Shared Mailbox (Public Folder) with an Office 365 Mailbox

For more information about Office365 Public Folders see the following documents:

How Public Folder Use Will Change for Office365

How To Add Your New Office Shared Mailbox (previously called Public Folder)

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How do I get my SUNY Email on my mobile device?

Exchange ActiveSync is the protocol used by many mobile devices to connect to the Microsoft Exchange mailboxes. For step-by-step directions on how to set up your mail to your mobile device, see this document.

Instructions to Configure ActiveSync for an Office 365 Mailbox

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Will I have to reestablish any connections or setups for any of my devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)?

Unfortunately, yes. There is no automated way to switch a mobile device to the new service. Office 365 servers are at a different web address, so you will need to change the server name in the connection for your mailbox and possibly reenter your User ID and password. Instructions will be provided that detail this change. For those that use BlackBerry devices, a security wipe and reactivation will need to occur to connect it to your cloud mailbox. We will assist in making this transition as soon as possible after your migration.

How To Setup an iPhone/iPad with an Office 365 Mailbox

Instructions to Configure ActiveSync for an Office 365 Mailbox

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How do I get my new Office 365 Mailbox on my Blackberry?

You will first have to wipe out the connection to your old mailbox, and then re-activate it with the Office 365 mailbox. For step-by-step instructions on how to do so, please see the document below.

How To Wipe a Blackberry Device (except Z10 and Q10) and Re-activate it with an Office 365 Mailbox

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How will I access my Office 365 mailbox?

The same way you access your current local Exchange mailbox – with Outlook, Outlook Web App using your favorite supported web browser and your mobile device. The Outlook Web App has a slightly different look than Outlook Web Access now, but offers virtually the same functionality.

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How do I access my Office 365 mailbox when I’m not at the office?
How do I access the Outlook Web Application (OWA)?

Your Office 365 mailbox will always be available from anywhere you have internet access and on your mobile device! Go to:

How To Log On to the Office 365 Outlook Web Application Portal (OWA)

There is also a direct link to this service off of any web page. At the bottom of every page in the super footer, you can find a graphic that looks like this:

SUNY Email login graphic

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How do I change the time zone settings in my Outlook Web Application (OWA)?

Inside the outlook webmail browser, you can see the settings cog in the top right hand corner of your screen next to your name. Click on it and choose “Options” then on the left hand navigation choose “settings”.

On that page you will see options on a top navigation, choose “regional”. There you will be able to see the option to change your language, date format, time format, and your current time zone.

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How do I check spelling in my Outlook Web Application (OWA)?

Some email programs, such as Microsoft Outlook, include a spelling checker. Outlook Web App relies on your web browser for checking spelling. That’s why you don’t see a spellcheck button or spelling settings in Outlook Web App.

Spell checking is available in Internet Explorer 10 and later versions, and current versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Check the options for your web browser to learn more about how to use it to check spelling.

To learn more about the browsers that are compatible with Outlook Web App, see Supported browsers for Outlook Web App

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How can I tell the status of my messages (read/unread) in my Outlook Web Application (OWA)?

Any unread messages will have a bar next to the message. If you have not changed your theme in OWA, an unread message bar will be blue.

A selected mail item will be highlighted. See image below:

OWA Read/Unread email view

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How do I send a FAX from an Office365 account?        

Note – This applies only to users on the System Administration e-mail system (e.g.

Open a new e-mail message in either Outlook or OWA. On the “TO:” line use the following syntax:


 (e.g. 5185551234@suny.fax)

The fax number should be the full 10 digits of the number you wish to dial.

office 365 faxing

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How do I get my OWA to use Single Sign On in a Firefox browser?

In order to allow Firefox to user Single Sign-on (SSO) you will need to manually make a change to the browsers settings. For a step-by-step explanation on how to do so, see the following document.

Firefox Single Sign On Settings

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My Office365 Email seems to be broken. How do I check if the system is up?

You can view a feed of email system status changes within SUNY Blue.

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How do I create a new profile for my Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 Client software?

Create a New Email Profile

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Is there a limit to the number of addresses I can send an Email to?

Office 365 limits the number of addresses in the To; CC; and BCC of an e-mail message to 500. The limit pertains to the combined number of addresses in the three fields. When there are more than 500 addresses Office 365 does not send the Email. More interesting limits on this link: Office 365 limits.

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