Capital Facilities

Office for Capital Facilities

The State University of New York Office for Capital Facilities is responsible for providing tools, training and communication to the 64 Campuses within the SUNY System in support of Campus programs for management of facilities. The office provides guidance, oversight and technical expertise regarding the care, custody, control and management of campus facilities in accordance with applicable New York State laws and regulations. A variety of disciplines are represented within the department including:


Associate Vice Chancellor:  

Karren Bee-Donohoe
Associate Vice Chancellor, Office for Capital Facilities
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Phone: 518-320-1894

OCF Organizational Chart
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Campus Let Contracts Program

The Campus Let Contracts Program is responsible for the development of tools, training and communication to assist campuses in strengthening their management of construction contracts. Campus administered construction projects comprise a significant portion of new construction, renovation and maintenance at SUNY Campuses and are integral part of SUNY’s Capital Plan. 


Jessica R. Miller
Contract Specialist
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Community College Capital Program

The Community College Capital Program provides assistance to the College budget and facilities staff for capital planning & financing for the 30 community colleges in New York State. In addition, program staff advocates for the SUNY system with the NYS Division of the Budget for necessary appropriations and bonding for continued capital project development.


Rebecca Goldstein
Community College Capital Program Manager
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Clean Energy Management & Sustainability Program

SUNY System Administration’s Office for Capital Facilities Clean Energy Management & Sustainability Program assists campuses with the implementation of energy management program efforts. The Clean Energy Management & Sustainability Program is available to partner with all SUNY campuses to achieve the State’s ambitious energy goals and to satisfy the energy needs of each unique campus.


Karren Bee-Donohoe
Associate Vice Chancellor, Office for Capital Facilities
Email Karren Bee-Donohoe
Phone: 518-320-1894

Energy Procurement & Utility Regulatory Affairs

The Energy Procurement & Utility Regulatory Affairs Office provides oversight and purchasing of utilities for SUNY. The University’s utility budget is a significant portion of its overall operating costs. The Energy Office’s goals are to find all practical means to manage the overall cost of utilities, reduce the quantity of energy used to its most efficient level, and mitigate the volatility in energy prices while working within state regulatory and purchasing requirements. The Energy Office works with campuses, local regulated utility providers, suppliers, state agencies and authorities, and local governments to manage commodity purchasing, demand charges, and to advocate for fair rate governance. The office coordinates a SUNY buying group for the purchase of wholesale electricity as a direct customer of NYISO and the New York State power grid market operators.


Melinda Race
Director for Energy Procurement & Utility Regulatory Affairs
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Petula Phillips
Sr. Energy Management and Planning Accountant
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Antoine Boulanger
Energy Management and Planning Accountant
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Environmental Health and Safety

The Environmental Health & Safety Office supports campus programs to promote a safer and more environmentally responsible SUNY community. The EH&S Office serves as a technical resource and provides tools, training, and communication for the campuses on best practices and compliance issues (including compliance with SUNY requirements, and local, state and federal level regulations for environmental management and occupational safety and health). The office also assists in SUNY compliance with the New York State building and fire codes requirements; and coordinates SUNY’s program to provide public access defibrillation and training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


Lauren Lieberman
Director of EH&S and Emergency Services
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Phone: 518-320-1879

Residence Hall Capital Program

The Residence Hall Capital Program provides direction, assistance, and advocacy to state-operated campuses for ongoing and planned residence hall capital construction projects. Specifically, this includes coordinating with campuses to develop a multi-year capital plan which is used to construct appropriation and cash flow budgets, and submitted annually to the State Division of Budget. This office also coordinates and sizes the annual bond sale that provides the cash needed to fund the the Residence Hall Capital Program.


Donald Smith
Residence Hall Program Manager
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