Office for Capital Facilities Listservs

The Office for Capital Facilities manages several Listservs for SUNY campus staff,  in order to communicate. To subscribe to any of the OCF Listservs, contact Ashley Brainard.
Only SUNY staff are eligible for the SUNY listservs.

Facility Managers

These listservs are the primary means for general purpose communication from the Office for Capital Facilities, to the campus Facilities Managers for State operated and community colleges respectively. It is recommended that Facilities AVPs, Facilities Directors and their respective administrative support be on the appropriate list. These lists are restricted to SUNY campus staff.

Campus Let Contracts

Discussion forum for campus administered construction and construction-related contracts. Information disseminated includes general guidance, procedural changes, and notice of upcoming training opportunities.

Emergency Managers

Discussion forum for campus Emergency Managers. This list is also used during emergency conditions for 
bi-directional communication with campus emergency contacts for information and status reports, and to receive and forward requests for resources during the emergency. This is a primary list used by the SUNY Desk during activations of the State Emergency Operations Center. It is restricted to the primary emergency contacts designated by each campus and System Administration support of the emergency response.

Environmental Health & Safety Managers

Discussion forum for the primary managers at each campus with Environmental Health and Safety responsibilities. This is the primary list for communication from the Office for Capital Facilities for SUNY-specific concerns, and where specific responses are required from the campuses. A more broadly subscribed and more active list for non-SUNY specific discussions is the SEHSA listserv. (see “Other Related Listservs”)

Energy Buying Group

Discussion forum related to the aggregated purchase of electricity under the SUNY Energy Buying Group (EBG). This list is restricted to Energy Buying Group members.


Discussion forum for communication related to all aspects of sustainability including operations, facilities, academics, dining services, resident life and beyond. Any member of the SUNY Sustainability Association can join the listserv. For information on the Association visit http:/

Utility Managers

Discussion forum for sharing pertinent information about the newest technology trends, product advancements, training opportunities, energy efficiency incentives, ideas for successful deployment of operations and maintenance protocols, raising awareness of best practices, and supporting the goals of a comprehensive energy management program. Notifications are issued here concerning electricity and natural gas constraints.

Asset Management

This listserv is the primary means for general purpose communication for the property, space management, and asset management modules within AiM.  AiM is SUNY’s online Integrated Work Management System (IWMS). Campus users who will be querying and editing property, space, and asset data within AiM should join this group.

AIM O&M Implementation

This listserv is used to send out communications to those campuses and colleges that are participating in the AiM O&M implementation.  All broad updates and newsletters will be sent via this list.


SUNY Physical Plant Administrators Association

The SUNY/PPAA listserv includes campus facilities managers and general facilities staff, along with Construction Fund, DASNY, and OGS. This discussion forum allows for the exchange of ideas and challenges faced by facilities, along with communication for PPAA conference, training, and employment opportunities. The list is managed by The College at Brockport. To be added to the listserv, contact Stasia Molyneux.


The SEHSA Environmental Health and Safety Association of NY, Inc. is an organization of professionals dedicated to promoting a culture of safety on public and private higher ed campuses throughout New York State. The group spans areas including employee training, emergency response, environmental compliance, fire safety, and other safety and industrial hygiene programs.

Membership is open to personnel with academic environmental health and safety responsibilities in New York State. The listserv is restricted to SEHSA members. Members are invited to post questions, discuss ideas, and share program documentation and resources. The SEHSA listserv also allows members to stay abreast of regulatory changes, upcoming events, training programs, and SEHSA activities. SEHSA can be found at


The NY Coalition for Sustainability in Higher Education unites representatives of higher education and supporting organizations with a common interest to promote and support environmental, fiscal, and social responsibility. To subscribe go to There is also a facebook page for NYCSHE.



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