Standing Committees

Communications Committee

The Committee will seek to implement and continually enhance methods of internal and external communication in order to disseminate news in a timely manner. Media techniques can include traditional press releases and social media platforms, as well as informal methods such as senator reports to local senates. The goal will be to inform our constituents across SUNY and, when applicable, news outlets, legislators and others about faculty and staff concerns and views on topical and continuing issues. The committee shall be made up of the vice president/secretary of the University Faculty Senate and a chair appointed by the UFS president. The president will also appoint others and that can include those with a theoretical insight, as well as those with the necessary talents and/or competencies in applied communication areas such as reporting, editing, photography, producing and other skills.

Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Committee

The Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Committee will concern itself with issues pertaining to equity, inclusiveness and access, as they are reflected in the curriculum, student body, and personnel of the State University. Among the activities of this committee will be collecting and disseminating information, organizing periodic meetings and workshops, and providing guidance and recommendations to the Senate so that it may act with the best intentions of all people in mind.

Ethics Committee

The Committee will study and make recommendations to the SUNY University Faculty Senate President regarding issues of professional behavior, ethical conduct and institutional integrity as they relate to faculty, students, administrators and other personnel in SUNY and higher education. The committee will gather information and serve as a resource for the Senate and the University.

The Committee will not serve as a disciplinary body nor will it take part in judicial proceedings.

Executive Committee

The Senate's Executive Committee is chaired by the President of the Senate. Other members include the Vice President/Secretary and five elected Senators, chosen in accord with Article VIII, Section B of the Senate's By-laws, and one Senator from System Administration chose by the Chancellor. The Immediate Past President and Vice President/Secretary serve as ex-officio, non-voting members for one two-year term.

Governance Committee

The Committee shall concern itself with University-wide governance and shall provide guidance on matters of campus governance. The committee shall interact with local governance leaders of the University. The committee is responsible for the publication of the Governance Handbook and will review and update it every four years (beginning in 2008.)

Graduate and Research Committee

The Committee serves as a source of professional advice and guidance to the Senate on matters relating to the quality, operation, and encouragement of graduate programs and research. To these ends, the committee may be concerned with the procedures, criteria, and support of existing and new graduate programs within the University. The Committee may review and recommend policies and procedures relating to moral and ethical concerns of research and graduate studies and other matters involving support and furtherance of research and graduate studies within the University.

Operations Committee

The Committee shall generate relevant reports and recommendations for the University and its institutions concerning:

  • the development and administration of budgets, strategic planning, and operations;
  • matters related to libraries,  educational technology, and forms of instructional delivery; and,
  • personnel policies, as they pertain to budget, operations, diversity, equity, affirmative action and delivery of a high quality SUNY education.
Programs and Awards Committee

The Committee will concern itself with the enhancement of inter-campus educational and scholarly interests of the faculty through the development and strengthening of University-wide programs, grants, and awards.

Student Life Committee

The Committee will be concerned with significant educational, developmental, social, cultural and recreational policies, programs, issues and services that affect the quality of student life and the campus environment of the State University of New York.

Undergraduate Academic Programs and Policies Committee

The Committee shall provide advice and guidance to the Faculty Senate on matters relating to undergraduate programs and policies throughout the University. To these ends, the Committee may review such areas as existing and proposed curricula, standards for academic degrees, undergraduate academic assessment, teaching techniques and evaluation, special undergraduate programs, articulation among units of State University of New York and the various aspects of international education and development.


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