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Resolutions & Responses

Resolutions & Responses

187th Plenary Meeting - Online - January 22, 2020

187-01-01 - Shared Governance in These Times of Extraordinary Challenges

187-03-01 - Board of Trustees Acknowledges that Black Lives Matter

187-04-01 - University Faculty Senate Recognizes and Supports Black Lives Matter

Chancellor's Response to 187th UFS Plenary


186th Plenary Meeting - Online - October 17, 2020

186-01-01 - Racial Equity and Social Justice Curriculum

186-02-01 - Joint Statement on the Search for the SUNY Chancellor

186-03-01 - Vote of No Confidence in Politically Appointed Members of SUNY Board of Trustees

186-05-01 - Resolution regarding the importance of maintaining effective shared governance practices during times of crisis

Chancellor's Response to 186th UFS Plenary


184th Plenary Meeting - University at Albany - January 16-18, 2020

184-01-01 - SUNY/CUNY Budget


183th Plenary Meeting - SUNY System Administration - October 10-12, 2019

183-01-01 - In Support of Downstate Resolutions on Research Misconduct Policies

183-02-01 - Campus Senate EID Committees

183-03-01 - EID Maintaining Welcoming Inclusive and Safe Campus Environments through Annually Affirming SUNY Diversity and Inclusion Values

183-04-01 - OP.GR FINAL Support for SUNY Negotiations for a fair and reasonable contract with Elsevier

183-05-01 - EC Recognition of 2019 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

Chancellor's Response to 183rd UFS Plenary


182th Plenary Meeting - SUNY Potsdam - April 11-13, 2019

182-01-01 - Proposed Policy for Appointment of Interim Administrators

182-02-01 - Resolution to Ensure Numerous Pathways to Continuing Appointment and Promotion

182-03-01 - Resolution on the Expectation of Professional Employees to Participate in Shared Governance

182-04-01 - Resolution to Create Common SUNY Onboarding Information Points and Processes for New Employees

182-05-01 - Resolution to Improve SUNY Reimbursement Processes

182-06-01 - Resolution on Campus Review of Registration Deadlines

182-07-01 - Academic Freedom and Shared Governance in Online Education

182-08-01 - Resolution on reaffirming 176-11-1 Resolution in Support of Stand-Alone Unit Head for NYCC at Alfred

182-09-03 - REFERRED BACK TO COMMITTEE- To Form a Committee to Examine Funding Opportunities for Undoc. Students in SUNY Prof. Programs

Chancellor's Response to 182nd UFS Plenary


181th Plenary Meeting - SUNY Cobleskill - January 17-19, 2019

181-01-01 - Program and Awards_ Resolution to Change Length of Service for Distinguished Professorships

181-02-02 - FAILED Governance_ Resolution requesting the creation of a SUNY Office of Ombuds Services

181-03-01- unanimously Executive_ New Deal Resolution for SUNY and CUNY

181-04-03 - Upstate resolution BACK TO COMMITTEE

Chancellor's Response to 181st UFS Plenary


180th Plenary Meeting - Binghamton University - October 18-20, 2018

180-01-1 - Resolution on Gender Neutral Language in All SUNY Correspondence

180-02-1 - Support for Lactating Persons and Lactation Space(s) on All SUNY Campuses

180-03-1 - To Encourage SUNY to become the First Test-Optional System of Higher Education in the Nation

180-04-1 - To Re-institute the Graduate Fellowship Incentive Program

Chancellor's Response to 180th UFS Plenary


179th Plenary Meeting - University at Buffalo - April 19-21, 2018

179-01-1 - Inclusion of Non-Tenured and Non-Tenure Track Faculty for the Chancellor’s Award in Faculty Service

179-02-1 - Inclusion of Non-Tenured and Non-Tenure Track Faculty for the Chancellor’s Award in Scholarship and Creative Activities

179-03-1 - SUNY-wide commencement policy when announcing the names of those students who hold current United States military rank at their commencement ceremony.

179-04-1 - To Establish the University Faculty Senate Communications Committee

179-05-3 - Resolution requesting the creation of a SUNY Office of Ombuds Services

Chancellor's Response to 179th UFS Plenary


178th Plenary Meeting - SUNY POLY  - January 18-20, 2018

178-01-1 - Resolution to develop support services and best practices within SUNY both at system and on individual campuses for undocumented students

178-02-03-1 - Motions from winter 2018 plenary.

178-04-1 - Nomination committee guidance. 

178-05-1 - Verification of Campus Governance Consultation on Academic Program Actions

178-06-1 - Institute a SUNY Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

178-07-1 - Recommendations for Academic Advisers Related to International Students

178-08-1 - Re-examining the Definition of Liberal Arts Courses

Chancellor's Response to 178th UFS Plenary


177th Plenary Meeting - SUNY Delhi - October 19-21, 2017

177-01-1 - To Recognize the Second Monday of October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day

177-02-1 - To Provide Free Access to Menstrual Products at All SUNY Campuses in All Restrooms

177-03-1 - Recommendations for Academic Advisers Related to Financial Aid

177-04-1 - Recommendation on Broad-Based Fees

177-05-1 - Attendance Policy Accommodation for United States Military Drills and Training

177-06-1 - University Faculty Senate’s Response to Charter School Committee of SUNY Board of Trustees

177-07-1 - Recommended by-laws changes (2-motions)

Chancellor's Response to 177th UFS Plenary


176th Plenary Meeting - SUNY Canton - April 20-22, 2017

176-01-1 Resolution in Support of Chancellor Zimpher

176-02-1 Resolution on Contingent Faculty In Governance

176-03-1 Resolution on Administrative Searches - Dean and Above

176-04-1 Resolution on Part-time Assistantships

176-07-1 Resolution on Open Access Repositories 

176-08-1 Resolution Nomination and Selection Distinguished Professorships

176-09-1 Resolution on Length of Service Distinguished Professorships

176-10-1 Resolution to Revsie Liberal Arts Requirements 

176-11-1 Resolution in Support of Stand-Alone Head for Alfred Ceramics

Chancellor's Response to 176th UFS Plenary


175th Plenary Meeting - SUNY Old Westbury - January 19-21, 2017

175-01-1‌ - Resolution on "Petition to Make All SUNY Locations Sanctury Campuses"

175-02-1‌ - Resolution to Create Transgender Health Care Education at SUNY Campuses

175-03-1 - Resolution on Contact Hours
                 Memorandum to Presidents-Credit/Contact Hour Relationship

175-04-1‌ - Resolution on Assessment Practices


 174th Plenary Meeting - SUNY Cortland - October 22-24, 2016

‌‌174-01-1 -  Resolution on Faculty and Professional Staff Membership on College/University Councils

174-02-1 ‌ - Resolution on the Implementation of Applied Learning

174-04-1  - Requesting Full Complements on College/University Councils

174-05-1‌ -  Resolution on Faculty Oversight of Micro-Credentials and Other Emerging Learning Experiences

174-06-1 -  Resolution to change the wording of the criteria for awards for Conversations in the Disciplines


173rd Plenary Meeting - The College at Brockport - May 5-7, 2016

173-01-1‌ - Resolution to Revisit Amendments to Article VII of Policies of Board of Trustees

173-02-1‌ - Resolution for a Public Statement of Ethical Principles

173-03-1‌ - Resolution on the Inclusion of Clinical Faculty for the Chancellor's Awards for Service and the Chancellor's Award for Scholarship and Creative Activities

173-04-1‌ - Resolution on the Inclusion of Non-Tenure Track Faculty for the Chancellor's Award in Teaching


172nd Plenary Meeting - Stony Brook University - January 21-23, 2016

172-01-1 REVISED

172-02-1 - Resolution Recommending the SUNY-wide Implementaiton of Gender Inclusive Spaces

172-03-1‌ - Resolution to adopt the Undergraduate Academic Programs and Policies Committee report entitled “Service-Learning in SUNY: Current Status and Strategies for Implementation”


171st Plenary Meeting - SUNY Buffalo State - October 22-24, 2015

171-01-1‌‌ - Resolution on Academic Freedom

171-02-1‌ - Resolution Requesting Modification of Family Medical Leave Policy

171-03-1 - Resolution on Changes to the Policies of the Board of Trustees with Respect to Officers of the University Faculty Senate


170th Plenary Meeting - Plattsburgh State College - April 23-25, 2015

170-01-1 - Resolution in Support of Renewal of NYSUNY 2020

170-02-1‌ - Resolution to Support Planning and Implementation of Applied Learing Experiences at SUNY

170-03-1 - Resolution on Fellowships to Support Graduate Research for SUNY Undergraduate Students Who Wish to Attend Graduate School

170-04-1 - Resolution on Open Access Publications

170-05-1‌ - Resolution on the Funding of the National Science Foundation

170-06-1‌ - Resolution on Presidential Evaluations

169th Plenary Meeting - Farmingdale State College - January 23-24, 2015

169-01-1‌ - Resolution in support of the General Assembly of the Student Assembly of the State University of New York’s 8 Keys to Veteran’s Success resolution 1415-36

169-02-1‌ - Resolution for Incentives to Support the Submission of STEM Graduate Research Grant Applications

169-03-1‌ - Resolution in Support of the 2015 Budget Request of the State University of New York


168th Plenary Meeting - College of Environmental Science and Forestry - October 23-25, 2014

168-01-1‌ - Resolution on Sexual Assault Prevention

168-02-1‌ - Resolution Requesting All State University of New York Campuses Offering Athletics Create Programs to Support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Athletes, Coaches, and Staff and to Prevent Anti-LGBT Bias and Discrimination in Athletics

168-03-1 - Resolution on SUNY Excels Performance Measurement System

168-04-1‌ - Resolution on Affordability of Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials

168-05-1‌ - Resolution on Reduction on the Maximum Working Hours for Student Assistants

168-06-1‌ - Resolution in support of expanding SUNY undergraduate research and creative endeavors

168-07-1‌ - Resolution on Naloxone Availability


167th Plenary meeting - Empire State College - May 1-3, 2014

167-01-1‌ - Resolution on edTPA

167-02-1 Presidential and Chief Executive Searches


166th Plenary Meeting - University at Albany - January 23-25, 2014

166-01-1‌ - Resolution on Seamless Transfer Paths

166-02-1‌ - Resolution on the Status of the New York State College of Ceramics

166-03-1 - Resolution requesting participation of Alfred University and Cornell University in the process of recognizing SUNY faculty for distinguished achievement


165th Plenary Meeting - SUNY Maritime College - October 24-26, 2013

165-01-1‌ - Resolution on the Board of Trustees Recommendation on the Use of Admissions Criteria for Teacher Education Programs (docx‌)

165-01-1‌ - Resolution on Failure of Consultation and Shared Governance Regarding SUNY Educator Preparation Programs and the New NY Education Reform Commission (docx‌)


164th Plenary Meeting - Upstate Medical University/Syracuse - May 2-4, 2013

164-01-1‌ - Resolution on the elimination of major types of political science research from support by the National Science Foundation (docx‌)

164-02-1‌ - Resolution for a SUNY Shared Governance Award (docx‌)

164-03-1‌ - Resolution in Support of SUNY's Academic Health Science Centers (AHSC) and Hospitals (docx‌)


163rd Plenary Meeting - SUNY Oneonta - January 24-26, 2013

163-01-1 - Resolution for a New Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching (docx‌)


162nd Plenary Meeting - SUNY Oswego - October 25-27, 2012

162-01-1‌ - Resolution for Support of Downstate Medical Center (doc‌)

162-02-1 - Resolution on the Need for Transitional Funding with the New Resource Allocation Tool (doc‌)

162-03-1‌ - Resolution on the Necessity for Campus Presidents (docx‌)

Chancellor Zimpher's Response to 162nd Plenary Meeting‌ (docx‌)


161st Plenary Meeting - SUNY Geneseo - April 19-21, 2012

161-01-1‌ - Resolution in Honor of Ed Alfonsin (docx‌)

161-02-1‌ - Resolution for a New Chancellor's Award for Shared Governance (docx‌)

161-03-1‌ - Resolution to Amend Criteria for Distinguished Librarian (docx‌)

161-04-1 - Resolution to Support the Work of the Programs and Awards Committee to Amend Criteria of the Distinguished Service Librarian Award to Make Community College Librarians Eligible for the Distinction and Honorific Title of Distinguished Librarian (docx‌)

161-05-1‌ - Resolution of the University Faculty Senate Programs and Awards Committee on the Inclusion of Clinical Faculty for the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching (docx‌)

Chancellor Zimpher's Response to 161st Plenary Meeting‌ (docx‌)


160th Plenary Meeting - Cornell University - January 26-28, 2012

160-01-1 - Resolution on CUNY's Failure to Use the Principle of Shared Governance in Establishing a New Curriculum

160-02-1‌ - Resolution Supporting the Board of Trustees' January 25, 2012 Resolution "Equitable Financial and Educational Access to Higher Education for New York's Undocumented Immigrants" (The DREAM Act)


159th Plenary Meeting - Purchase College - October 20-22, 2011

159-01-1 - Resolution for Rose Rudnitski, SUNY New Paltz

159-02-1‌ - Resolution on Evaluation of Shared Services

159-03-1‌ - Faculty Senate Resolution on Shared Services

Chancellor Zimpher's Response to 159th Plenary Meeting


158th Plenary Meeting - SUNY Fredonia - April 14-16, 2011

158-01-1‌ - Resolution in Support of a Five Year Tuition Plan for The State University of New York

158-02-1‌ - Resolution on Governor’s May 2011 SUNY "Summit"

158-03-1‌ - Resolution on Appropriate Use of System-Wide Data

158-04-1‌ - Resolution on Grade Change Authority

Chancellor Zimpher's Response to 158th Plenary Meeting


157th Plenary Meeting - Binghamton University - January 27-29, 2011

Motion - Sense of the Senate


156th Plenary Meeting - AlfredState College/College of Ceramics Alfred - October 22-23, 2010

156-01-1‌ - Resolution on Consultation with Governance

156-02-1‌ - Resolution on the Suspension of Programs at the University at Albany

Chancellor Zimpher's Response to 156th Plenary Meeting


155th Plenary Meeting - SUNY New Paltz - April 23-24, 2010

155-01-1‌ - Resolution on Presidential Searches, Guidelines for Conducting

155-02-1‌ - Resolution regarding Electronic Meetings of the University Faculty Senate

155-03-1‌ - Resolution of the University Faculty Senate on the Public Higher Education Empowerment and Innovation Act

Chancellor Zimpher's Response to 155th Plenary Meeting


154th Plenary Meeting - SUNY Cobleskill - January 29-30, 2010

154-01-1‌ - Resolution on the Executive Budget, January 2010

154-05-1‌ - Resolution to Establish a System-wide SUNY Faculty Research and Scholarship Interest Database

154-08-1‌ - Resolution to Establish the University Faculty Senate Special Committee for Diversity and Cultural Competence as a Standing Committee

Chancellor Zimpher's Response to 154th Plenary Meeting


153rd Plenary Meeting - SUNYIT - October 23-24, 2009

153-01-1‌ - Resolution Supporting the Recommendations of the Provost's Advisory Group on the SUNY Assessment Initiative

153-02-1‌ - State University of New York University Faculty Senate Operations Committee Budget Resolution

153-03-1‌ - Resolution to Reinstate the Faculty Exchange Scholars Designation and Program

153-04-1‌ - Resolution in Support of Legislation Requiring a Baccalaureate Degree for Permanent Registration in Nursing

153-05-1‌ - Resolution on the Clarification of SUNY Policy on Student Mobility

Chancellor Zimpher's Response to 153rd Plenary Meeting


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