Students at a table registering to vote.
Voter Registration

Voter Registration

We, at the State University, strive to inform students and employees of voter registration procedures and to provide students with voter registration information and forms. It is important for college students to register to vote because many of the issues that impact students, such as education, war, and employment, are directly impacted by elected officials. The New York State Election Law mandates that State University campuses develop a program to provide each student with a voter registration application at the beginning of each school year and during January and February of a presidential election year.

This website was developed as a resource for campus professionals and includes the New York State Education Law from 2008, the National Voter Registration Act, best practices for campuses to enhance voter registration efforts, useful links including absentee ballots and voter registration forms, and information for National Voter Registration Act Coordinators.

Register to Vote


Counties' Board of Elections Contact Info

Absentee Voting 


New York State DMV Electronic Voter Registration Application

2018 NY Election Law

National Voter Registration Act

Voter Registration Guide

NVRA Training Guide (PPT)

Best Practices for Campuses - Voter Registration

2023 Voter Engagement Report


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