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Education Abroad

SUNY campuses offer hundreds of opportunities for study, research, internship, work, service learning and volunteer experiences throughout the world. Education abroad provides SUNY graduates with the skills and experience needed to enter the competitive workforce, either at home or anywhere in the world. Now more than ever, students in any academic field can find the right program to fit their needs – whether short-term or a semester, near or far across the globe.

The Office of Global Affairs reviews new education abroad programs, leads the development and revision of relevant policies and supports the campuses in coordinating and promoting education abroad throughout the system.

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SUNY Study Abroad Consortium and Programs

The SUNY Study Abroad Consortium serves all SUNY students, offering study abroad, exchange and faculty-led programs administered by many of SUNY’s 64 campuses. Many programs are also open to students from non-SUNY institutions throughout the United States. Programs are available in more than 60 countries, spanning all seven continents and many fields of study. In place for many years, the consortium is a best practice in "systemness" that allows SUNY to offer more opportunities than could be done as individual campuses.

SUNY Council on International Education (CIE)

The SUNY CIE is a professional association of international educators throughout the SUNY System. CIE has served as an active and supportive professional network for more than three decades. Membership includes the four research universities and most of the thirteen comprehensive colleges, along with several community colleges and colleges of technology. The group's twice-yearly meetings provide information and practice sharing, as well as professional development for those with responsibility for implementing study abroad programs and receiving students through exchange programs.

CIE SUNY Blue Site

The CIE SUNY Blue site provides resources and materials as well as SUNY and external links to assist study abroad professionals with the administration of education abroad programs.

CIE Listserv

The CIE Listserv is a forum for SUNY staff to communicate and consult on issues related to education abroad and related SUNY policies and guidelines.  The listserv is managed by the University of Buffalo and has over 160 members representing all 64 campuses and the Office of Global Affairs.

CIE Program Discussion Listserv

This forum is open to SUNY study abroad staff and overseas partners to communicate and consult on new initiatives, program options and deadlines.  Instructions on how to join the listserv.

Chancellor's Grant for Innovative Study Abroad Programs - ISAP Grant

This is a competitive grant providing financial support to unique study abroad programs and opportunities to increase student mobility overseas. For an academic year, up to four (4) grants of $4,000 are awarded (contingent upon funding availability) to programs administered by SUNY campuses.

More Information about the ISAP Grant  Previous ISAP Grant Awardees

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