Heroin Abuse Prevention

Heroin Abuse Prevention

On June 11, 2014, SUNY joined Governor Cuomo in announcing the launch of an awareness and support campaign involving all SUNY campuses to focus on combating heroin and opioids abuse on our college campuses and communities. The Chancellor affirmed this objective.

For a personal story of hope, The Times Union ran a news article from December 19, 2015, titled A Heroin Story with a Glimmer of Hope, focusing on students at HVCC and Young People in Recovery activists working to bring heroin out of the shadows.

On July 17, 2014, the NYS Department of Health issued An Advisory to New York State’s Opioid Overdose Prevention Community. When new regulations or more specific guidance is developed, you will find them posted online at http://health.ny.gov/overdose.

The SUNY Office of University Life worked with the NY Dept of Health, Office of Substances and Alcohol Abuse Services and other agencies to identify materials that would be helpful to campuses. Below are general and campus-specific materials we hope you will use for your work with students and professional staff in ongoing educational efforts.

Educational Materials

Naloxone Training

Overdose trainings are widely available throughout the State. NYS Department of Health created a Directory of Registered Opioid Overdose Prevention Programs.

Campus-specific Resources

General Resources

Dept of Health Regulations

If you have any questions please contact Liz Droz Elizabeth.Droz@suny.edu or 518.320-1286.

Please send along any information you wish to share on promising practices or other information sources that address substance abuse prevention and treatment.

Thank you.

For videos and stories see www.combatheroin.ny.gov

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