Community College Capital Program Tools


Program Rules and Procedures

The information provided below is a summary of the rules and regulations that apply the Community College Capital Program. All programs must comply with SUNY policies and procedures and with all applicable New York State laws, rules, regulations, agency bulletins and guidelines. A list of community college policies and procedures is available by clicking here and selecting "Community Colleges" in the Category drop down menu. For a full listing of all SUNY policies and procedures visit the University-wide Policy and Procedure Library.

If you have questions related to the program contact Rebecca Goldstein.

Program Forms

Initial Project Requests/SUNY Budget Approval Form

For initial requests for appropriation inclusion in New York State’s Budget, and for SUNY project approval after an appropriation has been obtained.

Project Closure Form

To complete and return once a capital project is complete and can be closed.

Project Bond-Financed Application

For project and financing approval, please be sure to complete both forms.

Reimbursement Request Forms

To reimburse Colleges or Sponsors for project reimbursement requests up to 50%.

Bond Financed

SUNY Board of Trustees Actions

Hard Dollar Financed

Capital Facilities