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Diversity Abroad Workshops

SUNY and Diversity Abroad Partnership

Since January of 2011, SUNY’s Office of Global Affairs and Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) partner with Diversity Abroad, an organization whose aim is to foster diversity and equity in global student mobility. Through this partnership all SUNY institutions are members of the Diversity in Global Education Network, the leading consortium dedicated to advancing diversity and equity in international education. This advancement is achieved through advocacy, professional development, partnership building, student advising resources, and providing a platform for professionals to network, discuss and debate issues of diversity, equity and underrepresentation in international education. 

As a member of the Diversity Network SUNY professionals have full access to the membership website and all other Diversity Network member benefits by creating a user account with the Diversity in Global Education Network.

The following SUNY colleges have already submitted their applications and joined:

Diversifying Education Abroad Workshops

In a partnership with Diversity Abroad, SUNY Global and The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) sponsor and organize an annual one-day workshop that usually  takes place in Spring of each year at the SUNY Global Center.  These workshops are very well attended with participation of SUNY professional staff from international education, diversity and financial aid offices.

Diversity Symposium: Fostering Engagement and Inclusion of International Students and Scholars

The day-long interactive symposium took place at the SUNY Global Center on October 11, 2013. The symposium brought bring together practitioners from the field to present good practices in developing interdepartmental partnerships for campus-wide integration of international students and scholars, ideas for student programming models, as well as current academic and social challenges that international students and scholars encounter in the U.S. The symposium also included suggested practices to improve international students and scholars success and implications for the future of the field.  

Office of Global Affairs