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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers from students who studied in Turkey

Our experts:

Amauris Oritz SUNY Cobleskill; studied at Izmir University of Economics
Jessica Colvin SUNY Cobleskill; studied at Izmir University of Economics

Did you feel safe on public transportation in Turkey?

AO - Yes

JC - Yes, I felt safe on public transportation in Turkey. There were some days were I took the transportation by myself.

Did you feel safe while abroad in Turkey? 

AO - Yes

JC - Yes, I felt safe in general while abroad in Turkey because I only really stayed in Izmir, unless I was going on a trip that the ESN put on. 

If you were feeling unsettled/unsafe while abroad, what were some of the resources available to you to help comfort you?

AO - Actually, while I was there the Turkish people were rioting and as soon as things broke out the US government contacted us to tell us that if things were to get out of hand they would pick us up and bring us back home. Nothing escalated but I was very pleased at how efficient and protective the US government is. 

JC - Some of the resources available to me to help comfort me were: email, skype, and just having my flat mates.

Was it easy to travel in and out of Turkey?

AO - Yes

JC - I didn’t travel out of Turkey, but it was easy traveling in Turkey. 

What were the accommodations like at your university?

AO - The university was very easy to deal with classes were super easy to attend. My “buddy” was a great person who always followed up with me and all that was going on. My “buddy” helped me find an apartment find things to eat and took me to many different places.

JC - They were very good. There was always someone to talk to if I felt homesick or felt like I didn’t fit in.

What were some activities available to you on and off campus?  

AO - Everything from ice skating to mountain hiking was available off campus. On campus there were multiple clubs like the soccer club or basketball club. I was always busy and I always had friends to stay busy with.

JC - Some activities available to me on and off campus were: going to different sightseeing places. Going to the beach in Cesme, and celebrating Christmas on campus.

What are some of the major differences in classroom settings in the U.S. vs. Turkey?

AO - Typically in the US a course may be broken down to two or three days out of the week but in Turkey all of the classes are in one day typically lasting three hours. I felt that it made the courses feel very efficient.

JC - One major difference was that in Turkey the teacher would teach in English, but if the students weren’t understanding she had to explain in Turkish.

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