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Campus Let Contracts Program Communication


Campus Let Contracts Guidance Documents

The Office for Capital Facilities offers a series of guidance documents to assist campuses in the management of facilities. These documents are not intended to replace policies and procedures but to provide assistance to campuses in various areas. A full listing of all SUNY policies and procedures can be found in the University-wide Policy and Procedure Library

Campus Let Contracts (CLC)

Energy (ENG)

Other Communications

Program Compliance

Project Capitalization
In order to ensure assets are appropriately capitalized by the SUNY Controllers Office, Campuses should complete the SUNY Capitalization Form either (1) when the project has reached substantial completion, (2) the asset is placed in service (beneficially occupied), or (3) when the final project costs can be reasonably estimated. It is important to note that the submission of the capitalization form will not close out the accounts. Outstanding payments can still be processed for the project.


The Office for Capital Facilities distributes information regarding campus administered contracts through the SUNY Campus Let Contracts Distribution List. To become a listserv member email your request to Jessica R. Miller. Please note membership to this listserv is limited to SUNY personnel.

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