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Campus Governance Leaders

Campus Governance Leaders

The Campus Governance Leaders at SUNY's community colleges are the the standard bearers of shared governance. The Faculty Council of Community Colleges supports the campus governance organizations in their mission to maintain the role of faculty in governance. It is hoped that the resources provided here will enhance shared governance at community colleges.


College Assembly: Marc Guise, Chair, 518.743.2200 x2331
College Assembly Bylaws
College Assembly: Angela Bergholtz, 607.778.5268
Council for Academic Issues: Timmy Bremer, Chair, 607.778.5476
Council for Operational Issues: Ciara Cable, Chair, 607.778.5586
Shared Governance Website
No Faculty Governance Organization  Eric Zizza
Faculty Council: Jarrod Cone, 518.562.4344
Faculty Council Bylaws
Faculty Council: Michael Phippen, Chair, 518.828.4181 x3236
Faculty Council Bylaws
Faculty Assembly: Brenda Gustin, 607.962.9258
Faculty Assembly Bylaws
Professional Staff Organization: Chrisie Mitchell, Chair, 845.431.8548
Professional Staff Organization Website
College Senate: Colleen Quinn, Chair, 716.851.1652
College Senate Bylaws
Faculty Senate: Jeffrey Buchman, President, 212.217.4475
Faculty Senate Website
Academic Senate: Milton Johnson, 585.785.1503
Shared Governance Website
College Senate: Steven Hymowech, 518.736.3622, x8945
College Senate Articles of Governance
Academic Senate: Garth Swanson, President, 585.343.0055 x6291
Academic Senate Bylaws
Academic Senate: Jeffrey Steele, President, 315.866.0300 x8684
Academic Senate Bylaws
Academic Senate: Douglas Baxter, Chair, 518.629.7101
Academic Senate Website Academic Senate Bylaws
Faculty Meetings: Sarah Tranum, 716.338.1161
College Senate: Kim Sell, 315.786.2338
College Senate Bylaws
Academic Senate: Anissa Moore, Chair, 516.572.7170 x25425
Academic Senate Bylaws
Faculty Senate: Marc Pietrzykowski
College Senate: Sarah Kilby, Chair, 518.354.5223
College Senate Bylaws
Faculty Association: J. T. Ryan, Chair, 315.498.2553
Faculty Association Bylaws
College Governance: Paul Basinski, President, 845.341.4828
College Governance Website College Governance Constitution
Faculty Senate: Melanie Rie, President, 845.574.4190
Faculty Senate Website
Academic Senate: Kim Otis, 518.381.1291
Academic Senate Bylaws
Tri-Campus College Governance Council: Nicole Reitman, Chair
Governance Council Constitution
Ammerman Campus Faculty Senate: Paul Basileo, President, 631.451.4854
Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws
Eastern Campus Congress: Laurey Buckley, Chairperson, 631.548.3504
Eastern Campus Congress Bylaws
Grant Campus Academic Assembly: Alexander Kasiukov, Chairperson, 631.851.6484
Grant Campus Academic Assembly Constitution and Bylaws
Faculty Council: Anne Ruszkiewicz, Chairperson, 845.434.5750 x4403
Faculty Council Bylaws
No Faculty Governance Organization
Academic Senate: Steven Schimmrich, 845.687.7683
Academic Senate Constitutional Bylaws
Faculty Senate: Heather Ostman, Chair, 914.606.6837
Faculty Senate Constitution
Faculty Council of Community Colleges
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