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Committees & Liaisons

Committees & Liaisons


The Committee Structure within the Faculty Council of Community Colleges enables its members to work on important academic issues that are meaningful to them. Delegates, Alternates, and Campus Governance Leaders serve on committees to develop policies, share information, discuss issues, and formulate resolutions for consideration at the plenaries.

Standing Committees:

Academic and Student Affairs Committee
Deals with academic and student issues that affect SUNY Community Colleges.

Awards Committee
Serves as vehicle for processing the FCCC Service Award and for promoting the SUNY Recognition Awards Programs at Community Colleges.

Communication and Professional Development Committee
Develops and facilitates effective communication among FCCC members.

Education Initiatives Committee
Deals with emerging academic issues related to "the education pipeline".

Governance Committee
Deals with issues related to shared governance within the SUNY Community College System.


Liaisons to the FCCC
In its effort to build relationships with the various factions within the State University of New York, the FCCC has established liaisons with various organizations and entities within the system. These liaisons work with the FCCC committees and the FCCC in general to advocate for common issues and to share concerns that affect the mission of the community colleges.

Liaisons to the FCCC Committees
Each FCCC committee has liaisons from SUNY Administration, the University Faculty Senate, and/or the Student Assembly.

FCCC Liaisons to University Faculty Senate
The FCCC provides Liaisons to University Faculty Senate committees to insure that information and issues are shared between the two organizations.

FCCC Liaisons to Other Organizations and Committees
The FCCC provides Liaisons to other organizations and SUNY initiatives as needed.

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