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The following resources are compiled to provide support for community college faculty in their search for relevant information and background on various topics.

Faculty Council Matters
Faculty Council of Community Colleges newsletter which discusses, celebrates, and illuminates all things that "matter" to community colleges.

Higher Education Abbreviations and Acronyms
What is CGL, MSCHE, NYCCT, NACEP? This list will help you to decipher the Alphabet Soup associated with higher education.

Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation
Middle States Commission on Higher Education - Approved by the MSCHE Member Institutions, Fall 2014, updated Fall 2015

AAUP 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure
American Association of University Professors Statement on Academic Freedom with subsequent updates from 1969, 1989, and 1990

Becoming and Being a SUNY Parlamentarian
A resource guide  for SUNY Campus Parliamentarians


FCCC Delegate Handbook
Guidelines for responsibilities and duties of campus delegates and alternates.

FCCC Bylaws
Faculty Council of Community Colleges Organization Bylaws, Fall 2020

Position Statements
Faculty Council of Community Colleges Position Statements and White Papers

FCCC Resolutions
Faculty Council of Community Colleges Resolutions

Campus Governance Leaders

Campus Governance Handbook

Shared Governance

SUNY Shared Governance Award

FCCC Approved Guidelines

Best Practices for Student Veterans - Tips for Students and Colleges

FCCC Guidelines For Faculty Evaluation Of Educational And Grant-Funded Initiatives 
Compiled By Academic And Student Affairs Committee And Approved By The FCCC April 9, 2016

FCCC Guidelines For Faculty Governance Inclusion In Educational And Grant-Funded Initiatives 
Compiled By Governance Committee And Approved By Electronic Vote By The FCCC November 13, 2015

Best Practices For Concurrent Enrollment Programs 
Compiled by the Education Initiatives Committee – Approved Spring 2015 - Updated Fall 2017

UFS Guide for the Evaluation of Undergraduate Programs
Prepared by the University Faculty Senate's Undergraduate Committee as a resource for faculty and others (2012)

SUNY UFS Internship and Co-op Guide
Internship and Co-op Guide organized by the University Faculty Senate with participation from the FCCC, SUNY System Administration, and campus career development offices.

Closing the Door, Increasing Gap: Who’s not going to (community) college? , (April 1, 2012)
Report by Gary Rhoades, Professor of Higher Education, University of Arizona for  the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education (CFHE)

FCCC Governance Guidelines in Emergencies
Guidelines from the FCCC for governance proceedings in the event of a campus emergency / interruption

Faculty Council of Community Colleges
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