Faculty Council of Community Colleges

Faculty Council of Community Colleges

The Faculty Council of Community Colleges (FCCC) is the official organization through which the SUNY community college faculty engages in the governance of the University. The FCCC focuses on matters relating to community college faculty and system-wide educational policies and other professional matters of the State University of New York.

A Welcome Message from the President

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The Faculty Council of Community Colleges (FCCC) is the statewide faculty governance body for all thirty of SUNY’s community colleges. For more than 50 years, we have represented New York State community college faculty and student interests. We have active delegates from every community college within SUNY. As an organization, we work closely with SUNY System Administration, the community college presidents (NYCCAP), the community college trustees (NYCCT), the University Faculty Senate (UFS), the Student Assembly, and SUNY’s community college campus governance leaders

As an organization, we focus on the mission  and purpose of community colleges. Because of our history  of access and affordability, community colleges offer all students the opportunity to participate in higher education at any time in their lives. In New York State, our thirty community colleges are open access institutions and we are proud of that distinction and the ability to offer students a variety of learning modalities to meet their busy life style s. We continue to remind the public, our elected officials , and other academic institutions of the high quality education we offer our students, which empowers them to transfer into baccalaureate programs or enter directly into the  workforce.

Everyday there are new challenges and opportunities facing community college faculty and students. Our primary interest is faculty purview over academic matters, which ensures the academic integrity of our courses and programs. Through conversation and collaboration, we will continue to provide high quality, diverse, and innovative programs of study that meet the needs of our students, our communities, and our world.

As a faculty governance organization, our priorities are determined by principles of academic excellence, academic freedom, and sound shared governance practices. You can access the FCCC's positions on these principles by selecting Position Statements.

I hope that you will find this website a useful resource about our community colleges.

Christy Fogal

President, Faculty Council of Community Colleges